In keeping with its bold mission, Shelby Farms Park Conservancy is working to give rise to a celebrated 21st century park that defines and shapes a great city in new and innovative ways. The Conservancy is certified with the Council for Responsible Sport. This certification has designated the Greenline Half Marathon + 5k as a sustainable, “green” event, the first of its kind in Tennessee.

The Council for Responsible Sport provides an independent, comprehensive certification for event directors to incorporate environmental and socially responsible initiatives in to their events while informing consumers about events that adhere to higher standards of sustainability.

Our Goal: Strive to reduce the environmental footprint of the Greenline Half Marathon + 5k by taking a year-by-year approach to aggressive green standards. Moreover, Re-Sport Certification will ensure reduction of the carbon footprint to Shelby Farms Park and the city of Memphis through this event.

Registration Process

  • There will be no goodie bag / no paper items will be given.
  • 100% online registration; no paper registration.
  • Greenline Half Marathon + 5k rack cards made from 100% recycled paper and non-toxic ink
  • Greenline Half Marathon + 5k participant shirt will be made from organic and recycled cotton
  • All race participants are encouraged to bring personal water bottles to reduce compostable cups used.

Start Line

  • 2 recycle stations are placed at strategic points around the start area.
  • In partnership with Tennessee National Guard, large tanks of water (appropriately branded as "Water Buffalo") will be available at the start area and Post-Race Party to encourage runners to drink from a reusable water bottle. One Water Buffalo tank is equal to 1,000 one-time use plastic bottles that are used then discarded. By encouraging people to bring their own bottles we help prevent thousands of water bottles from being thrown away!
  • All portable toilets in the start and finish areas and throughout the course will use a formaldehyde-free chemical recognized as a premier environmentally-friendly disposal chemical. The toilet paper used in these facilities is made from post-consumer, recycled paper.
  • Race will be led by bicyclists.


  • Recycle Stations will be set up at each water station. Plastics and dry cardboard used at water stations will be recycled through Get Green Recycles.
  • Wet cups from water stations will be composted. Composting of on-course waste is expected to eliminate the vast majority of landfill waste generated on the course.
  • Volunteers will partially fill cups at each water station to conserve water.
  • 90% of waste used during the event will be diverted from landfills.
  • 10,000 compostable cups will be used to dispense water throughout the course, and the start and finish line areas.
  • 5,000 compostable cups will be used to dispense Powerade throughout the course and finish line area.
  • All of the water stops on the courses will be supplied using onsite water tanks that are delivered by a single truck provided by Premium Refreshment. The water provided will be city of Memphis water.
  • Official race vehicles will be electric or natural gas powered when possible. Also, bicycles will also be used for transport.
  • Runners will be led by bicyclists.
  • In partnership with MLGW, Memphis Runners Track Club will use a natural gas powered vehicle for coning the course.

Finish Line & Post-Race Party

  • Four recycling stations will be placed at the finish line and by the Post-Race Party
  • In partnership with Sharp Manufacturing, race timing will be fueled by solar energy which provides 50% renewable energy source for the event.
  • Fruit, veggies and wet compostable cups from the Post-Race Party and finish line will be composted.
  • Plastics and aluminum will be recycled through Get Green Recycles.
  • Race metals are made from recycled steel and fiber material.
  • Our Post-Race Party caterers are committed to minimal packaging and no Styrofoam used during the event.
  • All foods during the Post-Race Party will be 100% locally sourced.


  • Shelby Farms Park will host a ‘cell phone recycle, in partnership with HopeLine from Verizon providing wireless phones to domestic violence prevention and awareness organizations across the United States. Donation to HopeLine keeps wireless phones and batteries from entering community landfills.
  • Old banners will be donated to Habitat for Humanity to support construction projects where they’re used as tarps and drop-cloths.
  • In partnership with Behavioral Services of Tennessee, Shelby Farms Park and Clean Memphis have developed a training course to teach in-home recycling to 28 individuals with developmental disabilities. From this training, these individuals will incorporate recycling into their daily lives. During the Greenline Half Marathon, these individuals will be participating as finish line volunteers.
  • Greenline Half Marathon + 5k has a ‘Green Team’ of passionate, environmentally conscious volunteers serving from a diverse cross section of Memphis working to develop practical ideas for sustainable practice during the event.
  • An onsite composting program using waste during the Greenline Half Marathon + 5k will be used in the Greenline Gardens and to support the Farm-to-Fork Fellowship. Farm-to-Fork Fellowship connects Memphis youth to their food and cultivates Memphis' next generation of urban food system specialists, equipped with the knowledge and tools to positively impact the health of entire neighborhoods and communities. The vocational tracks presented in the Farm-to-Fork Fellowship represent two foundational industries of Memphis: agriculture and logistics. The Fellowship is based at Greenline Gardens, a teaching garden along with a 4-acre production garden.

Do you already have tons of medals and t-shirts? Do you want to be more environmentally conscious? Choose to opt-out of receiving your race medal + t-shirt at the Greenline Half Marathon! Just select, "yes" during the registration process to opt-out!